Timber Care


The Window Care Draught-Proofing System.


With decades of use, periodically the traditional sliding sash windows require repairs, general care and maintenance. Typical problems include the following:


  • The windows are draughty and rattle
  • Allow dust and noise ingress
  • Difficult to open the windows
  • Requires improvement in security
  • Open construction joints
  • Rotten cills
  • Presence of wood decay on the bottom rails and frame joints
  • Requires replacement of sash cords, weights, pulleys, sash lifts and reglazing
  • The windows require easing and adjusting 


Key benefits of the Window Care Draught-Proofing System


  • Prevents draught and rattle
  • Reduces noise and dust
  • Improves sliding action
  • Improves performance and comfort 


Security Locks

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Brass sash locks give you the look and protection you need.


Can be adjusted so that the window will open just 4 iches enough for air to come in but not enough for some one to climb through.





Sash window decorating is our company's area of expertise.

Decorating a sash window is an art that not any decorator "off the street" can master. It requires a particular knowledge of the inner functions and mechanisms of a sash window and a precise, steady hand in order to prevent certain common problems that can arise such as:

  • restricted movement on sashes;

  • sashes that are painted shut;

  • brush pile of draught sealing is painted, making the seal ineffective; and

  • paint and scratches on the glass.

We are contacted daily to address such problems caused by normal decorators or local handymen.

Our decorators have received detailed training on decorating sash windows and it forms part of their routine on a daily basis. They are skilled artisans in the decoration of these traditional windows and they take great pride in producing a refinished window without affecting its functionality.

Our specialist decorators would however be of little value if we used low quality products. In order to ensure a good quality finish and longer lasting results we only use the best products on the market providing you with peace of mind that your windows' new appearance would last for many years to come.

We also paint all surrounding concrete window surrounds window cills, facia boards,doors or render if required


Draught Proofing



Most common work undertaken is to fully draught proof the sash window this prevents rattles stops draught coming through and keeps your home warmer cutting energy bills.

If draughts, rattles and dirt ingress are causing you to consider replacing your original sash windows, think again. Our draught sealing system is the perfect solution to these problems and even offers the added advantages of reducing external noise levels, improving insulation and correctly balancing windows so they operate smoothly whilst maintaining the original look of your windows.

Draught proofing is one of the most inexpensive yet effective measures to improve a homes' energy efficiency. The service often pays for itself within a year and then starts saving the customer around 10% of the fuel bill in the years to come.


Materials Used

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We only use the best products to ensure customer satisfaction


We use the Dulux Weathershield system to decorate the exterior window frames and sashes. This system offers long-lasting protection and has a guaranteed 6 year weathering durability when used as part of our renovation process. This 3 part system also has a mould resistant paint film and fungicide that keeps paintwork looking better for longer.


We use the Repair care system to carry out all timber repairs. This system is at the top of the range of timber repair systems and provides you with a permanent repair. We have also discovered another product from this range to be a very good alternative to traditional putty.


This sealing product will remain flexible, will never crack and can be painted within 24 hours of application.